Know the complete process how they produce Music & how the music gets delivered to the world!

Music Production

Have you ever been fascinated about by a Music Producer’s work? How he creates music so well? Wondered? A Record Producer is another name of a Music Producer who manages the whole production band and the music of the performer. It may be a single song recording or you can say recording multiple songs in lengthy concept albums. A Music Producer is the one who is dedicated right from writing the material for the music, organizing it and making it sound like a perfect melody or a beautiful song. What you deliver to your listener depends on how much you work in producing the music. This is the reason we are all set to offer a dignified course as Music Production to take up the coming generation to the next level of Music creation.

Music Theory mainly describes how a musician and a composer create music. It include certain processes including song composition, tuning, audio mixing, mastering: Equalizer, Compressors, Side Chaining, Reverb Delay & Song Recording (Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, Romantic Track) Mark the point that there are no absolute guidelines of creating music, instead you can make your concept clear by knowing the fundamentals of music creation and have a systematic approach to sense the emotions & deliver your feelings. This course provides all the skills of music theory that help you to understand and analyse the concept of music and know the western music notations as well.

The Audio Production process includes multiple processes. Mixing & Mastering are two such processes a music producer needs to learn before think of creating a music track. Other Processes: Equalizer, Compressors, Side Chaining, Reverb Delay Mixing: Take recorded tracks & blend all of them together! Mixing is mainly a step a producer needs to perform before mastering. Mastering is an adjustment and combination of individual tracks together to prepare a stereo audio file after mixing it down. Recording a multi-track music requires adjusting of levels, panning and time based audio effects.